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photo by ivy roberts (Feb 2016)
photo by ivy roberts (Feb 2016)


Some years ago I had a dream I’ll never forget.  In this dream I died and went to heaven.  I was standing in a line of the recently dead, waiting my turn to check in with St. Peter.  I could see him up the line with his white beard and long robe, standing at a lectern right in front of the pearly gates.  On the podium was a large book which he would refer to now and then.  When it was my turn I stepped up to him meekly.  The old man looked at me, looked down at the book, and looked at me again.  Then he said to me very clearly, “Why didn’t you take advantage of what they had to offer down there?”  End of dream.

That dream had a powerful effect on me.  It turned out to be the single event that started me on a brighter and more fulfilling way to look at life.  No more would I work at a job I didn’t like.  No more would I blindly follow the path that others had laid out for me.  No more would I waste my time in idleness.  There were so many things I’d never done, places I’d never been, people I’d never met.  Within a month I had quit my job and was preparing for my next adventure.

This website presents some of my pursuits – the ones that have made me feel more alive.  I approached each with a sense of adventure, so I call them my adventures.  I hope you will enjoy knowing about them as much as I enjoyed doing them.